Our Story


Jack Donnelly started with the simple idea to make a great pair of khakis. Disappointed with the way khakis were being made (mass produced and ill-fitting) and how they were delivered to you (retail stores), we decided to make a change and here is how:

  • Quality - we source only the finest materials available.
  • Fit - we offer 3 proven fits that have been honed and perfected over the last five years.
  • American Made - our products are crafted by a top American manufacturer with decades of experience in pant making. We take pride in supporting our domestic partnerships.
  • Guaranteed - 365 day returns. If you're not satisfied with your purchase, we're happy to refund you--no questions asked.
  • Sold Direct - skip the middle man. Our products are delivered right to your door.

We strive for the highest quality and greatest attention to detail in every pair. Simply put, our khakis are the perfect balance of fit, quality, and consistency.


It took us years to create our product. We've worked hard to build lasting relationships with the best fabric mills and manufacturers the US has to offer. We're committed to the techniques and ideals of old-school American craftsmanship. To date, we've successfully launched three fits with unique variations of our core khaki. We've built a loyal following and reputation of a top quality product and outstanding service.


  • Make the best khakis in the world.
  • Provide unbeatable customer service.
  • Remain loyal to you.


Our founder, Gregg, set off on the road less traveled and spent two years traversing the country learning everything possible about how to make the best pair of khakis. He's been meticulous in his approach--committed to producing top quality, American made products with unbeatable customer experience.